Jazzy Jingles

Jazzy Jingles gives you the chance to turn your iPhone into your own jolly jingling music studio!
Tap the musicians to form your version of Jingle Bells... Totally free!
Are you looking for an app to share your Christmas joy with friends and family? You can arrange your own version of Jingle Bells, and have fun with this addicting, heart warming, jingling application of all!

 Get Jazzy Jingles on App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/jazzy-jingles/id487710565

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8 musicians
5 different instruments
3 different polyphonic singers
Simple single tap gameplay
Facebook and Twitter access
Chance to see other featured games
Jazzy style and festal atmosphere
Simply just tap on the musicians to turn them on or off. They can play all together, or they can form dozens of other Jingle Bells covers, depending on your choice. :)

Feature Video: