Tricky Coin

Zibumi’s Tricky Coin is a fun and simple magic trick.

Amaze your friends by transporting a coin into your hand from your iPhone. You can choose the coin you prefer and demonstrate a memorable show. You will be surprised how magic can be a charming way to socialize.
They think they can do that?! Well, lock your screen in a stealthy way and let them try...
With variety of US, Canadian, British, European, Australian and Turkish coins, Tricky Coin provides you with the ultimate fun you can get from a realistic mobile coin trick.

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- Six sets of different currency coins
- 44 different coins
- Exclusive Zibumi coin
- Easy to learn
- Fun to master
- Fascinating to use

Feature Video:

Awesome trick..
Awesome app...
Don’t be sidelined. Download Tricky Coin and master your skills.