Advanced geospatial solutions with realistic 3D visualization for sustainable and prosperous future

We are a research lab in Ankara, Turkey that develops highly accurate geospatial simulations and analyses combining video game and geospatial technologies. We provide high precision geospatial computation at unmatched speeds using our unique pipeline.

The unique capabilities of Zibumi are thanks to its diverse background. Taking its roots in the game development industry, the company had strived for performance and realistic graphics under real-time constraints from day one. The restrictive interactivity requirements for games also helped Zibumi to excel in user experience as well. Thus, Zibumi’s ultimate stance is to develop a blend of performant, eye-pleasing experiences that does not compromise accuracy.

Zibumi aims to disrupt the processes regarding the acquisition and interpretation of geospatial data. Zibumi gives its customers an edge by allowing them to run relevant analyses in a fast and accurate manner. To achieve this, Zibumi heavily relies on GPGPU programming. The formulations in the GPU domain requires a rethinking of existing GIS paradigms. Consequently, the methods focus on reusing the data once the GPU receives it. The algorithms exploit the graphics pipeline with extensive use of compute shaders and push rasterization to its limits to remain performant: Once the engine renders the terrain, the algorithms use depth maps from bird’s-eye views to reuse the data. The customized data structures, which use texture maps, are at the heart of the process. The multi-disciplinary approach to GIS problems helps Zibumi to come up with suitable data structures and relevant algorithms. Zibumi’s group has the tools and skillset to bring existing best practices computer graphics to the GIS domain, giving Zibumi’s unique flavor.

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